Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Little Daydreaming Never Hurt Anybody

I was running errands the other day with both boys in tow. We had to make a trip to Fred Meyer, which happens to be my three-year-old's favorite place ever since he found a ride-on airplane there. He has his heart set on it for Christmas, but he's not getting it. For starter's, it's too small for him (though he doesn't think so). It's really more geared toward a toddler, not a preschooler. Secondly, it costs fifty bucks and looks like it would break after about two hours in our house. But I figure there's no harm in letting him "look" at it when we go there. He actually does a lot more than look. He drives it up and down the ailes like there's no tomorrow. My one-year-old loves it, too. Luckily, there are several there, so they each get to "look" at their own.

Now, the toys just happen to be right next to the baby clothes; Carter's, to be exact. I love Carter's baby clothes (but rarely buy them because they are overpriced). So while the boys have fun with the airplanes, I drool over baby clothes. Baby girl clothes, to be exact. Carter's new Little Denim collection for girls is adorable! I found the cutest red ribbed sweater. I couldn't resist taking it off the rack, carressing the soft cables, and imagining a baby girl in it. A sweet little bundle of cuddly softness. I could almost smell that new baby smell that I love so much. I could almost feel the warm softness of her baby skin against mine. I imagined the peacefullness of nursing her at night, the moonlight falling on her cute little face. . . I was in baby hunger heaven.
I was suddenly jolted out of my heaven with a high-pitched scream from my toddler- my boys were fighting- again!! In no time at all, my thoughts switched from cuddly softness to red-faced screaming baby. From sweet baby smell to the smell of baby puke that's been on my shoulder for two days because I haven't had a chance to shower. From peacefullness to absolute exhaustion and sleep-deprivation.
My baby hunger heaven didn't last long. I collected my now crying kids and dashed away from the baby clothes as quickly as I could without looking back! Another baby? Now? Are you kidding me!?! I made a mental note to stay away from the baby girl clothes for a while.

But sometimes I think back to that sweater . . . and once again imagine my little bundle of sweetness. Maybe not any time soon, but someday. Someday.


Perry's said...

Whenever I see cute little babies, I get baby hungry! (and buying baby clothes for everyone else has the same effect on me.) But then I hold one of them, and Kaysen starts begging for attention, I wonder how I could ever handle two!

Laura said...

Story of my life! But we just have too much on our plates, too. I keep praying that God will let me know when the right time is.

Heathie said...

I've been offering to trade babies with people at church--that way, I don't have to increase the number of kids, but I'll always have a cute little cuddly newborn with tiny, wrinkly hands and feet. Haven't had any takers yet, though.