Monday, March 8, 2010

Good Karma

I was vaccuming under the cushions of my couch today (something I can't ever recall doing before) when I happened upon a pile of what appeard to be candy wrappers from Christmas. When I grabbed the pile to toss in the trash, I realized that one of them was not just a wrapper; it was a Twix bar! What joy! What luck! What karma! What if my boys found out? They were just inches away from me. I knew if they discovered my good fortune, they would be as greedy as a pirate finding a treasure chest of gold, and my booty would be gone in an instant. I tried to hide not only the bar itself, but my giddiness as I dashed into another room. Phew, they hadn't noticed. I eagerly opened the foil wrapper, careful not to make too much noise with it. I enjoyed every bite of that chocolately, carmely, gooey confection. Oh, the gratification! Sometimes it really does pay to clean the house.