Friday, December 18, 2009

Fuzzi Bunz review

Okay, so I haven't had time to review all the diapers I tried, but I doubt any of my reader's will mind. On to the winner... FUZZI BUNZ!

I love this diaper for several reasons (wait a minute; did I just use the words 'love' and 'diaper' in the same sentance? Boy, do I need to get out more!).

Anyway, I 'love' it because it is a one-size diaper, meaning it can be adjusted to fit babies from seven to thirty-five pounds. This makes it a great value, as it should last through several babies. The sizing system is different than others I've tried. Most one-size diapers use rows of snaps along the front to change the size, but Fuzzi Bunz uses adjustable elastic at the leg openings and the waist, giving your baby a snug fit. They also come with two different sizes of inserts, which make them even more adjustable.

I was going to make a video review so you can all see what I'm talking about, but since I don't really have time for that (because I'm busy washing them!), I'll just let the experts do it for me.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Gro Baby Review

I need to clean the kitchen and get ready for church tomorrow, not to mention catch up on my Book of Mormon reading, but I just wanted to post another quick review (you're all dying to read my diaper reviews, right?)
Tonight's review is on the Gro Baby Organic Diaper, which I thought would be my favorite, but it wasn't. It retails at $24.95, which includes the diaper and one soaker pad.

What I liked about it:

ORGANIC: Who doesn't like organic?

ONE-SIZE: I like that it's a one-size-fits-all diaper, which means you can use it the entire time your baby is in diapers. This is accomplished by rows of snaps in the front, which, when snapped together, cause the material to fold over itself, making it smaller. There is also a long row of snaps along the front to adjust the waist size. It's a good system, but I like the Fuzzi Bunz sizing system better, in which the actual elastic is lengthened or shortened to adjust the size.

EASE OF USE: This diaper is fairly easy to use. You don't have to pin or fold, but you do have to snap the soaker pad (which basically looks like a big maxi pad) into the diaper.

What I didn't like:

UNSNAPPING YUCKY SOAKERS: The idea of snapping the soaker pad into the diaper is okay, but the problem is that you have to unsnap the wet, dirty soaker before washing it. I didn't figure out a way to do this without getting my hands wet/soiled.

LEAKS: Once the soaker pad gets wet, it tends to bunch up since the only thing holding it in place are two snaps, which can lead to leaks.

ONLY ONE SOAKER SIZE: Even though the diaper is highly adjustable, it only comes with one size of soaker. It was too big for my 15 lb baby, and seems like it would be too small for a toddler.
Overall, this seems like a high quality diaper, but it just wasn't exactly what I was looking for. It does come in a lot of cute colors and prints, which is a plus.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

BumGenius AOI Review

It's been one week since I received my package of cloth diapers, which was long enough for me to choose a favorite. I'll be writing a short review of each diaper I tried, with the winner coming last.

Today's review is on the BumGenius all in one diaper. Retail Price: $15.95

What I like about it:

EASE: This is a very easy diaper to use. No folding, no pinning, no stuffing. It comes on and off just like a disposable, but instead of throwing it in the trash, you throw it in the diaper pail to wait until wash day.

FIT: Elastic on the waist and legs give this diaper a very snug fit, which makes leaks unlikely. The fit is trimmer than prefolds or one size diapers.

LOOK: Lots of cute colors available

What I don't like about it:

DRYING TIME: Because it truly is all-in-one, it is a very thick diaper which makes for a long drying time. When my other diapers were bone-dry, this one was still damp. This was my biggest turn off for this diaper.

APLIX CLOSURE: I worry the aplix (think Velcro) will wear out. It also can scratch the baby, and may not last as long as snaps. Oh, and it doesn't look as cute as snaps.

Overall, this was a very good diaper. It is near the top of my list, but not my favorite. I would recomend it to those who want a convenient way to cloth diaper.