Monday, March 8, 2010

Good Karma

I was vaccuming under the cushions of my couch today (something I can't ever recall doing before) when I happened upon a pile of what appeard to be candy wrappers from Christmas. When I grabbed the pile to toss in the trash, I realized that one of them was not just a wrapper; it was a Twix bar! What joy! What luck! What karma! What if my boys found out? They were just inches away from me. I knew if they discovered my good fortune, they would be as greedy as a pirate finding a treasure chest of gold, and my booty would be gone in an instant. I tried to hide not only the bar itself, but my giddiness as I dashed into another room. Phew, they hadn't noticed. I eagerly opened the foil wrapper, careful not to make too much noise with it. I enjoyed every bite of that chocolately, carmely, gooey confection. Oh, the gratification! Sometimes it really does pay to clean the house.


Robyn Maughan said...

What luck! Candy is the best. You know me and candy....NO CONTROL!

mrs. folau said...

this is so funny. I can just see you hiding in the corner with your loot - just like a little kid would do. I read this quote that went something like this - "The problem with hanging out with 2 year olds is that you begin to act just like them!" - I think it applies here :) hahah. and everywhere.