Monday, May 25, 2009

A Memorable Memorial Trip

My maternal grandparents lived in Annabella, Utah when they were a young couple. While living there, they lost their first child to kidney failure (which we now beleive was a complication of Hyperoxaluria, the same disease my mother died from). She was twelve years old when she died, and it broke my Grandparent's hearts. Her name was Twila, and she died before my mom was born. I have always enjoyed hearing stories about her, and have for some reason felt a special connection to her, but I had never been to visit her grave.
My husband suggested the boys and I visit her grave since we are down here near Annabella (by the way, the last 'a' is silent, making it sound like Annabelle). Since my Dad and stepmom were out of town, and it was Memorial Day weekend, I decided it would be a good time to go.
The cemetary isn't very big, so it was easy to find her headstone. We took some pictures and spent a while there enjoying the peaceful scenery.
We were about ready to leave when a vehicle pulled up behind my van, which was blocking the narrow road that goes up the center of the cemetary. I quickly started to get my kids in the van so I could get out of their way. An older gentleman rolled down his window and said, "You don't have to leave on account of us!" We started to talk a bit, and he asked me which grave I was visiting. It turned out he was a good friend of my Grandpa's back when they lived in Annabella! After talking for a while, he and his wife offered to show me the old house my grandparents had built and lived in. I, of course, accepted the offer. We drove to the house, took some more photos, then said goodbye to our new found friends, and headed back home.
It turned out to be a great trip. Here are some photos:
We stopped to get some pictures by the sign. The boys had fun climbing on the rocks.
My four-year-old took this one. Not too bad.
Me next to the headstone. My four-year-old took this one, too.

My Aunt Twila's headstone.
The boys and me in front of the house my grandparents built.

Those are turkey coops in the background, built with the same stone as the house was built with. My Grandpa built them and raised turkeys.
A side view of the house.


Nurse Heidi said...

What a cool story!

mary lou said...

That's so great! I'm so glad you got to go there, and what a blessing to meet your grandpa's old friend and see their house! Westley's a good little photographer!

Jamie said...

I always have been impressed by this stone house that Grandpa built. Good pictures of it, Lura.