Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Gentle Reminder

The day has been getting better since my last post. We went on a nice drive over the mountain and to the lake, where we drove through the campgrounds to scout out a nice place to go camping when my siblings come to visit in June. The boys loved seeing all the tents and firepits (the campgrounds were full due to Memorial Day weekend), and they got really excited to go camping in a couple of weeks (yes, I'm going camping when I'm 37 weeks pregnant; crazy, I know).

They slept on the drive back, then we had a simple dinner and I got them to bed early without too much complaint on their part.

While I was lying next to my oldest's bed talking to him in the semi-darkness (as is our ritual), I noticed a change in the light that was peeking through the window. It was suddenly more yellow and vibrant. Once I said goodnight to him and left, I hurried out to the front porch, where I was happily greeted by a gorgeous rainbow! There was also a gentle breeze, a sprinkling of rain, and the clean, fresh smell that so often comes with rain.
I just stood there soaking it all in. An overwhelming sense of peace came over me, and I was reminded of how much God loves me. I also thought of how blessed I am to be a mother to my two (soon to be three!) wonderful children, and how important the work I'm doing as a mother is to God's great plan of salvation. I realized that though I often get frustrated and sometimes feel like a failure, in general, I'm doing pretty good as a mother, and I have a lot to be thankful for.

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Laura said...

Girl, I so feel your pain about Sundays! They are hard. Baking is something I try to do with my kids. And we let them watch Veggie Tales or Church movies. Playdough sometimes goes over well too. Some days we go for walks and let them play at the park. We figure it's more important to have peace in our hearts and in our home than to be "reverent". We do activities from _The Friend_ too. But, yeah, Sunday is now the longest day of the week! You're not alone!

Glad your turned out for the best :)