Friday, December 26, 2008

Scary Old St. Nick

My almost-four-year-old is scared of Santa. We didn't realize this until a few weeks ago at our Ward Christmas Party. Santa came to hand out candy to the kids. Our two-year-old quickly got in line with the other children, but to my surprise, his older brother held back. When I encouraged him to go get in line so he could talk to Santa and get his candy, he ran to the corner and cried.
As Christmas drew nearer, I asked him what he wanted Santa to bring him. He informed me that he didn't want Santa to come. He only wanted presents from me. So, guess what? Santa didn't come to our house. My son made sure I locked the door before we went to bed so he couldn't come in (lucky for me we don't have a fireplace; I would've had to board it up!). I filled the stockings and set out all the presents. But a few days after Christmas, the kid informed me that he is excited for Santa to come next year! What a silly kid.


Nurse Heidi said...

I love that you had to lock the door. That's awesome :). I suppose you could have just told him that he's not real and been done with it all, but perhaps he'll want Santa next year.

Perry's said...

That is so funny!! You never know what to expect from kids.