Friday, December 12, 2008

"I Dropped Mine Eggs"

After breakfast this morning, my youngest went in the living room to play. Two minutes later, he came back into the kitchen where I was washing dishes and said, "I dropped mine eggs". He seemed pretty upset about it. I figured he had snuck a handful of scrambled eggs into the living room to eat and then accidentally dropped them (he knows he's not supposed to take food in the living room, and frequently sneaks a handful of his food in to eat on the couch). So I followed him to where he had 'dropped' his eggs, and it turned out that he had actually vomited up his eggs! This was a couple hours ago, and he seems fine, so I don't think he's sick (phew). I just think it's funny that he used the term 'dropped'. It cracks me up!

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Perry's said...

How funny--but poor kid! I would love to take your pictures sometime. Let me know!