Sunday, August 14, 2011

That was scary!

I just thought I lost a kid. A mom's worst nightmare. I had gone to bed early cuz I've been kind of sick. M comes in and tells me he's been outside for a while and it's not fair that W once got to sleep outside. I threaten to call his dad if he doesn't get in his bed. He leaves and I go to sleep. A while later C wakes up crying (she's been sick too). I take care of her, then go to check on M and he's not in his room. I check his closet, under his bed, under the pile of blankets on the floor. No kid. I look in my room, downstairs, outside. No M anywhere. I start to panic, and then check all the places I've already checked, this time adding the garage, but to no avail. Finally, I look in W and C room (I had just been in there comforting Camille, you know). I see a leg sticking out from behind the toy box. It is M's leg! What a relief!!

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