Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our New Baby

It's been way too long since I've posted on the old blog. I love going back and reading my old posts, and it makes me kind of sad that I haven't been keeping up. Life is so full of amazing little adventures, special moments, learning experiences, and fun times. I'm going to try to do better at recording them. That includes here on the blog, and also in my personal journal.

One of our most recent adventures we've enbarked on includes a new baby! We are so excited about this new addition to our family:

Isn't she a beauty?! She's a 1952 Cessna 170 taildragger. Andy went down to St. George last weekend with my dad to pick her up. As you can see, she needs some work before she will be air worthy. Most importantly, she needs wings! They took it to a hanger in Cedar City, where my dad will be working hard until she's ready to fly. Andy plans on going down every weekend to help get her up and running. We hope to have her flying by April.

Last weekend, while Andy was gone, I was having a hard time with the kids, mostly because we were all sick (still are), and I was alone with them. I jokingly told Andy that next weekend, he should stay home with the kids, while I go work on the airplane. To my surprise, he agreed! So if I am well enough, I'm heading down South this Friday to do some work on our new baby. I'm so excited to meet her!


Robyn Maughan said...

Can't wait to fly in her too! I hope I get to ride sometime. It will be great for you to get away

Sunnie said...

Cool. Keep us posted.