Saturday, July 4, 2009

Things are Looking up

Last week, when I wrote my post in which I tried to pawn off my boys, I was feeling extremely anxious about this whole post-partum mother-of-three thing. Since then, I've been feeling much better, both emotionally and physically.
My dear Hubby left last night, and though I miss him already, I'm glad he's back to building our house, and I know we will be okay here without him. My dad and stepmom are going to be helping me out quite a bit. I always feel the worst in the mornings (exhaustion and nausea are my constant morning companions), so my dad is going to take care of the boys in the morning so I can stay in bed until nine. That will help out a lot. I would be beat if I had to get up with them every morning at seven!
My stepmom is folding all my laundry for me and she's also doing all the dishes. And my dad is cooking dinners. I really am blessed to have them helping me out so much. I know I will make it through this. The Lord has already given me strength, and I know He will continue to do so. I think my biggest challenge right now is just to try not to keep wishing time would go faster. Each day seems to drag on . . . I guess that's just because taking care of a baby is so monotonous. I feed her every two to three hours . . . then change diapers, put her down for naps. . . it seems like that's all I do anymore! It will be nice when I can get back to normal life.
My dad took the boys to the fourth of July parade. They are there now, and I sort of feel left out. I mean, it's nice to be home and be able to rest. . . but it makes me feel kind of isolated, ya know?
Anyway I think I'm just rambling now, so I'd better sign off.
But like I said, things are definately looking up.


Nurse Heidi said...

Lura, I am extending an honest to goodness I really mean it offer to take your boys if you need it. I know that three kids is a hand full, and without Andy around, even more of a hand full. If you get to feeling overwhelmed, send them my way. Or come and hang out here for a couple of days with them. My kids can wear them out for you!

mary lou said...

I'm glad you're doing better! I've been scratching my head trying to figure out how I could help. It's just so far away from here to there! I'm glad your dad and stepmom are helping a lot--that's so nice of them, and I'm sure it lightens your load.

My Life said...

I am glad you didn't give up. I know things get tough but with the Savior Jesus Christ were will we be. I wanted to give up on Chemotherapy because I hated throwing up all the time, but I had the strength to get through it. You are an amazing person I know and a great friend if you need anything please call me I am back to logan.