Thursday, April 30, 2009

One Down, Four (give or take) To Go

The boys and I have been living with my dad for a month now. We should have about four months left before we can move into our new house.
The living arrangements are good; we each have our own bedroom in the basement plus a bathroom and family room down there. Of course, between meals, snacks, and doing dishes, we end up spending a lot of our time upstairs in the kitchen..
The boys enjoy being here with Grandma and Grandpa. The other day, my dad got out his old electric train, which the boys loved. It's pretty neat. He got it when he was ten, which makes it almost fifty years old!
Last week, my dad took my oldest for a ride in his airplane, which was a real treat. That kid loves flying! Little brother and I stayed at the hangar and played with the cat,which was also a treat (he loves cats!).
The hard thing is being away from my husband, and waiting anxiously for our house to be done. Some days go by slow because all I can think about is being together again as a family and having our own house. It will be so nice to own a home! On the other hand, I keep pretty busy taking care of my boys, so some days go by fast. Also, my dad and stepmom scheduled a "Lura's Night Out" every once in a while. One of them stays home with the boys while I go out with the other one. Last weekend I went to the high school production of Grease with my dad, and tomorrow night I get to go out to eat at a fun local restaraunt with my stepmom.
Work on the house is coming along. Today the floors in the garage and basement are being poured. Next week the framing should go up. The boys and are going up to visit for Mother's Day, and I am so excited to see the house! I'm also excited to see my hubby! :)


Leslie said...

Yay!! I am excited that it is coming along so quickly!! I am going to have to go check it out one of these days! Where does your dad live? I really want to come do your newborn pics (when are you due?) Is Andy sending you pictures of all the progress on your house?

mary lou said...

That's great! We sure miss you guys! Hope you'll have a few minutes to stop by.