Saturday, November 15, 2008

Christmas Fever

I've been getting excited about Christmas lately. It is, afterall, my favorite Holiday. I never pull out my decorations until after Thanksgiving (okay, on Thanksgiving, but after dinnner), but I've been really tempted lately to start hauling boxes up the stairs and start decorating!
Maybe it's because of the fact that we were living with relatives last Christmas, and most of my decorations stayed in boxes. Maybe it's the peppermint ice cream I've been eating everyday for the past two weeks. Maybe it's because I've been our running errands after dinner lately when it's dark and the stores are bustling and it's so cold! Whatever it is, I have Christmas Fever. I've had to restrain myself several times from listening to the Christmas music station while in the car (okay, I admit it, I haven't always used restraint. The other day when there was nothing else on, I did listen to a couple of songs.)

Less than two weeks to go . . . once the turkey is put away in the fridge, I'm pulling out the Christmas tree! And, of course, the Christmas music. I always listen to Christmas music while decorating!


Perry's said...

Come on-- live on the edge -- put your Christmas tree up early!! We did this year, but now I can't wait until Christmas gets here. I think that it is going to seem like forever until it actually gets here this year. Maybe getting a jump start wasn't such a good idea after all.

Marie said...

I think part of it is that Thanksgiving is so late this year! I admit that I have been listning to Christmas music. But Jefferson started it!